A Good Whiskey Gift is Hard to Find

Just kidding. There is literally an entire shelf of whiskey gifts in just about every grocery store - unless you live in one of those states, in which case we are SO sorry. But what about whiskey gifts to go with your gift of whiskey? 


Well, there are the tumblers,  coasters, decanters (although I'm not sure it's entirely necessary and I think they mostly apply to Scotch), and of course, something to chill your whiskey. If you're a really good whiskey gift giver, you'll even include a repurposed vintage bar cart. But they're all great whiskey gifts. And we coincidentally offer a few of those whiskey gifts. 


What's a better whiskey gift than Balls of Steel? They make you giggle, they chill your drink and they support a cause. So while you're giving the perfect whiskey gift to your connoisseur, you're also giving someone the gift of community and comfort. We really try not to let it get to our heads, but whiskey gifts can seriously change the world if you let them. The more you get involved in the OriginalBOS culture - and the more whiskey gifts you give - the more conversations you start about testicular cancer. And that's all we really want over here. Plus we have a set of perfect tumblers to go along with it. And you can even throw in a Keep it Straight Up T-Shirt. Who said clothing can't count as a whiskey gift?

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