Introducing the Arctic Core

January 15, 2014


Some of you may have noticed our packaging changed a bit this holiday season. There’s a lot of little changes we made, like the laser engraving on your Balls of Steel whiskey chillers (how cool is that?!) but the most eyebrow-raising change might be the portion of the label that reads “Arctic Core.”  

What is the Arctic Core, you ask? Well, it’s what makes us the original stainless steel ice champs. It’s basically a reengineering of our original Balls of Steel to include a secret sauce (for lack of a better term) organic phase-change material within the center of the stainless steel sphere that changes the science involved in chilling your drink.

When it comes down to it, the new Arctic Core works by allowing Balls of Steel to drop to a colder temperature than ice when activated in the freezer. That means they work faster and longer to chill your spirits, and who isn’t interested in that?

Find more details about the Arctic Core, and a comparison against other chillers at

So grab your own set of Balls of Steel at, throw them in the freezer to activate the Arctic Core and let us know how you like the improvements. And keep your eye out for some new Balls of Steel products featuring the Arctic Core in the coming months. We’ve got some good stuff coming for you.

Mackenna Waterhouse
Mackenna Waterhouse


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