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Balls of Steel™ are far from regular steel Balls.
Firstly, it's about the materials we use, we don't settle for your average steel. We start with a rare and very high quality grade of stainless steel. The special grade is a unique in it's resistance to the elements even at extreme temperatures. This provides the non-toxic ability which you will not get anywhere else.
Balls of Steel or B.O.S., are two stainless steel drink chillers designed to chill your low volume drinks.
Balls of Steel are only to be used in the fashion described below. We recommend placing your steel balls in the freezer for at least 90mins and preferably, 4 hours. Remove them from the freezer and immediately and gently place them in your beverage. Slowly turn your glass to an angle and let the steel balls roll around the bottom. Before you drink any of your beverage remove the balls and enjoy a perfectly chilled beverage with out the steel balls in the drink. Balls of Steel must be removed before consuming any beverage. By purchasing Balls of Steel from Original BOS, LLC you acknowledge that Original BOS LLC is not responsible for any physical damages done by drinking your drink with Balls of Steel in the glass.
The optimal drinking temperature for whiskey and other fine spirits is around 50-56 degrees. At these temperatures the spirits low notes and flavors are revealed and open up for the ultimate drinking experience for the user. Balls of Steel chill your low volume beverage to these temperatures providing the the most enjoyable drinking experience and ensure that every last drop of your spirit is enjoyed as it was intended. For best performance, avoid chilling over 2 ounces.
How about pouring another drink? If that is not enough, we encourage our customers to send us photos of them using there Balls of Steel in all areas of life! That's why your steel balls come with their very own velvet storage sack. You can take your Balls of Steel to the office (Haven’t you always wondered if your desk is truly level?) Also, they are the perfect item to keep those busy hands occupied. On a serious note: we only condone intended use as stated on any official Original BOS LLC documents.
Two guys with a mission & vision to make the world a better place, but get the full story… ABOUT US..
OriginalBOS LLC has one main focus, aiding and supporting victims of testicular cancer and providing our loyal customers with an amazing experience. 15% of all net sales revenue go directly to Testicular Cancer Research and internal events i.e. fundraising events. Fighting Testicular Cancer Page
We realize Balls of Steel will experience some wear and tear over the years, yet are designed to keep your beverages chilled for life. .
The best way to join in funding Original BOS, LLC is wait for the next round of funding (series B). Spreading the good news about BOS and spreading the cause will help get these BOS balls rolling (no pun intended). If you want to do more we recommend contacting support@originalbos.com
Whiskeys have incredibly complexed flavor, the difficulty lies in the relationship between preserving the subtle flavor elements while chilling to a enjoyable temperature. Using B.O.S. provides boosted flavors, and creates a truly unique experience. The enjoyable experience is made possible by the perfect drop in temperature and preservation of subtle flavors which ice normally destroys. B.O.S. also do not collect freezer odors like some Whiskey Rocks on the market and lastly are versatile for many types of drinks.
Some Whiskey connoisseurs enjoy their whiskeys with a bit a water, and some believe that it will "open up the flavor". The unfortunate method most novices use for the "bit of water" is ice. While using ice to add a bit of water is ok for the first 1min, it will start to melt rapidly and your control of the amount of water will be lost. On average, ice need 6 mins to bring your drink to it's maximum cool, by the time your whiskey is actually chilled it is now too watered down and the flavor is indeed diluted. Balls of Steel will cool your drink instantaneously and offer you full control over the amount of water you enjoy in your drink so you can get back to the people and things you love.


Yes, Balls of Steel are available for wholesale. You can read more about our wholesale program and register here: Balls of Steel Wholesale Info
Balls of Steel™ fly of shelves. We have a easy ordered process and can supply mom & pop's to retail chain giants. We maintain low lead times, US and internationally. To get started, click here for wholesale registration


What good are drink coolers if they are toxic? We required the services of the FDA (the USA based Food and Drug Administration) who has approved certain stainless steels, a variation of steels has been approved for use with medical, food, and beverage. There are optional safety regulations for each application, however, we have shot to the moon and used a specialized stainless steel in the 300 series. This specialized BOS steel is known for being incredibly resistant from out side effects which could cause corrosion and will remain non-toxic in extreme temperatures. Please review links below:
  • Food safety
  • FDA Food Contact Notifications
  • You should clean your Balls of Steel by hand washing them with cool water and soap. Finally, hand dry them back to their shiny perfection. Please avoid washing your Balls over a sink, Original BOS LLC recommends washing them in a glass away from any drains.
    No, Balls of Steel are intended to be used only by adults. At OriginalBOS LLC we do not support underage usage on this product and the whiskey chiller should not be used which small children are present. Please keep Balls of Steel AWAY from small children as there is a choking hazard.
    We recommend being gentle with your balls. Throwing them around while hoping that they land into a glass is not advised (These balls are made of Stainless Steel and with high velocity can damage tangible objects). Balls of Steel are safe for many types of glasses, but not all types. It's up to you to pre-determine if B.O.S. is safe for you're glasses. For best use purchase set of Tritan® Classic Whiskey Tumbler.