The Arctic Core Technology

Each ball in a Balls of Steel whiskey drink chiller set has an Arctic Core™ inside. Unparalleled in its power, the proprietary technology offers a fast, long lasting chill, unlimited uses, and an extremely lightweight nature. All this while adding ZERO dilution to your favorite drink.



Arctic Core™ phase change drink cooler technology

The Arctic Core™

After months of engineering, the BOS team successfully developed a proprietary technology called the Arctic Core™. The specialized chilling core is locked inside each ball using a unique machining process making Balls of Steel the best drink chiller available. They are stronger than any rock, stone or solid ice mold out there. Want proof? Click here to see third party lab results.



Unlimited Chill

Thanks to the Arctic Core you can kiss ice trays goodbye. The technology packs a punch, unlimited uses, and they are always in the freezer when you need your next drink cooled with ZERO dilution the BOS way.



Light Weight

Unlike whiskey stones, which pick up freezer odors like fish and weigh a metric shit ton, Balls of Steel are extremely lightweight. The set packs as much cooling power as six ice cubes, with each ball weighing a mere 1/2 ounce.

Arctic Core phase change drink cooler