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OriginalBOS exists to chill your drinks and change Men's Health. Our products are designed to not only look beautiful but be engaging, to be functional yet entertaining, and offer a more valuable experience.

Whether in your glass or on the table, we believe our products can serve a far-reaching purpose, one which changes the way the world looks at Men's Health.

With a narrow focus, world class technology, influential partners, and awesome customers like you, we can continually improve the things we are passionate about and provide you with amazing products that perfectly chill your drinks and support a paramount cause.



As connoisseurs with a passion for exquisite perfectly chilled drinks, we quickly discovered the problem when chilling drinks with ice; it's messy, slow to freeze when you have none and most importantly, allows tap water meltdown in your favorite drink ruining its flavor.

After speaking with friends we quickly learned many shared our frustrations with chilling whiskey. From here, we discovered a new way to keep drinks cold without diluting flavors.

After months of research and development we had our first product, stainless steel chillers with a powerful phase-change technology resulting in a lasting melt-free chill. Balls of Steel whiskey chillers with a cause.



Balls of Steel our story by BOS Drinkware

During this time co-founder Matt Geddie, who was living in New Zealand, shared his experience of being misdiagnosed with cancer. The story sparked a larger idea, an idea that a community could be built to combat warm watery drinks and testicular cancer at the same time. This idea quickly took root and OriginalBOS was born.

From the packaging, right down to the laser engraved insignia on our products, each product is expertly designed to chill drinks and serve as a natural conversation starter. Our products help our customers and their loved ones discuss testicular cancer and its methods of early detection. After all testicular cancer is nearly 99% curable if discovered early.





Our cause is in our DNA and chilling drinks is our passion. Welcome to OriginalBOS, let's "do stuff that matters".

Simply by purchasing and enjoying OriginalBOS's products you're joining our mission to spread awareness and even help raise funding for testicular cancer cure research. Your purchases and brand loyalty help fuel research and various awareness campaigns. Together, we can give hope to thousands of men (and their families) worldwide.

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