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The BOS Cause

It all started with a commitment

In 2011 we set out to change how men and women drink their whiskeys, to enjoy every drink at the right temperature while preserving the flavor of the spirit.

Working with experts in the fields of metal fabrication, thermal science and mixology we created the world's first stainless steel drink chillers. The solution was elegant; a stainless steel sphere, with a thermal gel locked in the center. This thermal gel is 5x stronger than ice (our Arctic-Core™ technology.) 

While creating our first product

Balls of Steel (the original steel whiskey chiller), one of the Co-Founders Matt had a cancerous scare. While misdiagnosed, a rare mistake in the medical industry, the emotional impact this had on him - and his loved ones - was enormous. The event prompted the entire team to reach deeper and create something more meaningful.

Our Story by BOS Drinkware



Our Cause BOS Drinkware Whiskey Chillers

Dual function

Our mission became clear. To create products that offer elegant solutions to simple problems and do good. Each product is designed to be the best in the industry and give back naturally raising awareness. From sales, we donate 15% percent of proceeds to research efforts at the industry leading MD Anderson


Today, we give generously to three doctors at MD Anderson Drs. John Ward, Shi-Ming Tu, and Louis Pisters who lead research in the clinical aspects of prostate and, testicular cancers. If you would like to join our efforts, shop our store, or donate directly using the annual fund labeled "ORIGBOS". 

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