Whiskey drink coolers, Stainless Steel vs Rocks?

Graduate from the Stone Age.

Balls of Steel are forged from the highest quality stainless steel, they are the original and first stainless steel whiskey drink coolers on the market. Since induction to the market, thousands of people have found they love to chill their drinks with their Balls of Steel rather then ice or cheap drink coolers like Common Rocks also on the market.


Features v.s. ( -/+ )

Balls of Steel

"Whiskey" Rocks
Origins Forged from Stainless  Cut from old countertop
Density (strength) 8480 kg/m³ 2,980 kg/m³
Thermal Conductivity 16 °c 1+ °c
Taste absorbency None Absorbs Freezer Taste
Supports a Cause Yes + No -
Price   $24.99 (Buy Now)  $25 - $58
  1. Balls of Steel (BOS) are also packaged and engineered as the perfect gift. Each set includes many accessories making Balls of Steel a very fun experience for the classic Whiskey connoisseur.
  2. Many individuals have found BOS to be the better way to chill their different varieties of drinks.  

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