Customer thoughts. Hilarity ensues.


We love our customers. Truly, because of you, we have the opportunity to do what we love everyday. We get to chill your drinks and contribute to Men's Health.

To meet our customers, and understand what we could do better, we send a little survey to each person. We get the most magnificent conversations started this way. Once in a while, some pretty hilarious conversations happen and we wanted to share one with you now, we think you'll get a laugh!

P.S. You can checkout the survey for yourself, follow this link: OriginalBOS thank you survey.

Below are the answers we got:



How did you hear about us?

"Cool Material Review"

What do you LOVE about the product?

"They are cold steel balls! What is there not to love about this?"

Anything you wanted to see in the product, but did not?

"A picture of me enjoying my favorite whiskey, Knapogue 1951, while standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles. Except for that small oversight, the pictures and description were enough to get me to order so I'm not sure what else is needed. Perhaps include a surprise with each purchase, like a pack of cinnamon bears."

What additional comments or feedback do you have for us?

"Well, they didn't instantly appear on my desk after clicking on the order button so perhaps you can get working on an order teleportation system for immediate gratification."

"I look forward to seeing the looks of jealousy on the faces of my friends and the looks of hatred on the faces of my enemies, all thanks to ice-cold Balls of Steel"

"Besides that, I can't say much else until I receive them. I'll be sure to send any feedback after I try them out."

Will you commit to sharing our website and the importance of self-checking with a least one other person?


All we can say is that - yeah - we love our customers.

Thank you all for enjoying our products and keeping us doing what we love! Cheers,

Grant & the BOS Team.

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  • Veruca

    Thank you so much for this arcelti, it saved me time!

  • Alex

    Cinnamon bears and whiskey? What more can a man ask for!

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