Affiliate Program

Here's the Scoop...

We're looking for people to help us spread the word of OriginalBOS products by adding a link to us on your site or blog. Anyone that comes to our site via your link and makes a purchase will earn you 10% or more of whatever they spend. Easy money... Drink chillers from OriginalBOS are a great new way to chill and serve all your drinks without adding the dilution of water from ice or freezer odors from other chillers (were talking about you, whiskey rocks). We partner with and donated to charitable partners like MD Anderson Cancer Center to help raise funds for testicular cancer cure research and creative outlets from all over the world to create the best looking products around. We carry product that will appeal to everyone.

How it works

Step One:

Your visitors click a OriginalBOS Ad on your website, blog, newsletter or video.

Step Two:

That takes them to our site where they can browse our products they love.

Step Three:

When they make a purchase on our site...

PAYDAY: get rewarded with a portion of the total purchase price! Boom!!

Get started

Becoming a BOS affiliate partner is easy. Reach out today. Signing up is completely free and you'll have a dedicated contact within our company for questions.