The BOS Cause

Let's do things differently.

BOS is a business with a purpose beyond profits. Our loyalty is to our customers, and the commitments we share with our community. Our cause is raising financial funding and leading awareness for testicular cancer support through kick-ass products and awareness campaigns.

"With testicular cancer awareness as our currency and changing lives as our motivation we are OriginalBOS".


Giving Structure.

We believe in total transparency in all we do. Fifteen percent of OriginalBOS's net profits go directly to financial funding for testicular cancer support but that's not all we do for our cause. Our mission stands on three legs:


We are very particular about which organizations we partner with to ensure our donations and awareness missions are utilized to the maximum efficiency. Therefore, efforts are split up among a variety of core organizations that each support a different part of the testicular cancer community. We are currently partnered with and donate to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Huston, Texas, which is the country’s leading center for testicular cancer research and treatment. The Testicular Cancer Society, a nationwide nonprofit organization who is committed to building a support community, spreading awareness, information and support for people suffering from testicular cancer is an information partner. Helping us define important issues surrounding our cause. These organizations make a high level impact, to donate directly, to these 501C3 non-profits please click the link(s) above.

OriginalBOS is committed to serving the testicular cancer community in more ways than just handing over cash for cure research. We are currently working on a Balls of Steel online community campaign called The Challenge. It’s a place where individuals affected by testicular cancer can interact with one another. People can come to offer general support, educate themselves about the disease, read survivor testimonies and submit their own for a chance to win a Balls of Steel Awards If you want to stay in the loop on how The Challenge is coming along, sign up for the B.O.S. Whiskey Club below.

Balls of Steel also serves the testicular cancer community by joining hands with core charity organizations to help raise awareness through events such as whiskey pours, runs for a cure and much more. Check out upcoming events and RSVP to



Balls of Steel Shipping

Sounds great - but how is it done?

  • Step one is simple: product awareness. From the minute you place your order months worth of work falls into action. The product increases visibility and starts conversations about our cause. You are aware of us & we are aware of you - mission accomplished.
  • Step two is a bit more complicated, but we think we're on the right track. We encourage our community (which you are now a part of) to spread the word about testicular cancer and its unbelievable statistics. After all, an early self diagnosis can save a life. We need your help here. Talk early, talk often.
  • Step three is when the rubber hits the road and cold, hard cash gets donated.




Ready to become a BOS?

Cool, get involved by joining the team for Balls of Steel events, purchase drink coolers or just go to our contact page and shoot us an email to find the best fit for you.