Testicular Cancer Facts

First, an Introduction

Testicular cancer is found in men and affects the testicles (obviously). The tumor's growth is often metastatic, which means it can spread fairly quickly to other areas of the body such as the lymphatic system, vital organs and even the brain. This is why self checking for testicular cancer on a monthly basis is so important. Testicular cancer is admittedly not the most common of cancer types - it only accounts for 1 percent of cancer cases annually - which is why it's often underfunded and little discussed. However, testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men in the age range of 15-35. Unlike other types of cancer, testicular cancer is very treatable. If discovered and treated early the rate of survival is near 99%! If left untreated that survival rate drops tremendously. What we're saying is that self checking = a life saved.


"Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men age 15-35."


There are Social Issues

Even though testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers in young men, our society  continues to push this issue under the rug. As long as conversations about testicular cancer are avoided self checking won't happen as often as it should. Our product, Balls of Steel, is not only great at cooling drinks like whiskey and other spirits but also creates a social tool to spark conversations about testicular cancer around the world.

"Testicular cancer is the only cancer a man can battle and survive only to be embarrassed or feel like less of a man."

BOS Customer and Survivor

The quote above came from a customer and sums up the reason we fight to raise awareness pretty well. There was once a time when the topic of breast cancer was avoided because of social stigma, but more women are being saved today because of community awareness education. Together, through great products like Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers with a cause, we can change cultures around the world to embrace survivors, speak about the issues and save more lives.


How to Create Change

Social change is sparked by individuals. Each of us must plant the seeds of change in our own immediate environment. To transform the way testicular cancer is viewed in our communities we must first change our own views. If a man is affected by testicular cancer and survives it is our job to celebrate that openly and without reserve. He is not less of a man, but rather a hero in our view. We create change by talking about self-checking, using our products and discussing the social issues.


Unbelievable Statistics

  • Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men aged 15-35. 
  • In the United States alone approximately 8,600 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year.
  • 400+ men pass away annually from testicular cancer.
  • Every hour of every day a man hears, "You have testicular cancer." 
  • Testicular cancer has a high survival rate compared to a majority of other cancers. However, testicular cancer tumors are metastatic, meaning that the cancer is able to spread to other organs such as the liver and brain.  

Community Thoughts?