Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.


What’s the shipping cost?

For orders in the USA:

** For a limited amount of time, US orders over $45 ship FREE!

USPS First Class Mail: $2.87 - $5.23

USPS Priority Mail: $8.51

USPS Express Overnight: $29.58

For all international orders:

For standard shipping we simply charge $7.99, we cover the rest.

Specialty international shipping will be available at checkout.

**Subject to change based on exact location.


How will they arrive?

Boxes on the doorstep have always excited us too. Check for your order in a brown box with a white OriginalBOS sticker on the side. They will be pack safe in sound with paper void pack.


Can you gift wrap my order?

You're an awesome gift giver, and lucky for you, we do offer free gift wrapping! Place your order online and email with your order confirmation number requesting gift wrapping.


Can you include a gift card?

Of course! The recipient of your gift deserves to know who it's from. On the shopping cart page, enter the note which you want to be included in the "Special Requests? (optional)" section.


Can you ship to a friends house?

We will ship directly to any address you enter into the "ship to" field from checkout. As long as you know your friend's address, we can ship your gift direct!


How long with shipping take?

We ship from a warehouse in Newport Beach, CA. Depending on your location, USPS takes about 3-4 days domestic, and 7-10 for international orders. If you need it ASAP be sure to select overnight at checkout. These are generalization though, write us at and we can find the exact answer for you.


Can I purchase your products in my area?

We're always signing up new retail partners and will be adding a complete list soon. For now, email us at and we'll write you back with the closest retail location to your zip or postal code.


Help, I haven’t received my order!

Not cool... Let's get you help! Note that USPS shipping delays can happen and we will open an investigation for you. If there is a problem with your order, email with the issues info.


Something arrived damaged.

Things can happen, and we're going to take care of it. Any damaged units purchased directly from us warrant a immediate replacement. Please send your inquiry to and we'll get it handled. 


What is the return policy?

It's hassle-free... and there are no questions asked. If you have any issues with the products you ordered and would like to return or exchange an item, just email us at within 180 days of receiving your order and we will send you a prepaid shipping label via return email. It's that easy. 


How do I return an item?

Email our "customer happiness" staff  at, make sure to include your order number and verify that you purchase directly from our site before hand.  If you purchased from one of our retail partners, please contact that store directly.



How do these drink chillers work?

All of our drink chilling products utilize a proprietary phase-change technology. This page has tons of info about the phase-change Arctic-Core™ technology. The phase-change material is locked on the inside of each product and will never leak and for safety, it's food grade. The Arctic-Core™ technology is exclusive to drink chillers from OriginalBOS.


I want to give these as a gift, can you help me?

Absolutely, all products from OriginalBOS make great gifts and we make sure to include great packaging. If you wanted to include something special in your order please request it on the shopping cart page. Enter the request which you want to be included in "Special Requests? (optional)" section.


How do I care for my drink chillers?

All drink chillers available from OriginalBOS each have been forged from the highest quality stainless steel. This steel doesn't rust, change color, alter the flavor of your drink and is extremely easy to keep looking brand new. Some best practices are to hand wash after each use, dry prior to placing back in the freezer and store your chillers in the freezer to ensure they are ready when you are. To keep that beautiful shine, polish with a micro fiber cloth and soap once every 3-4 months. 


Will using the chillers ruin my crystal glass?

No. The Arctic Core Chilling Technology is very light weight. Because of this, our chillers are safe to use with fine crystal glass. For the safest application use lead-free, break resistant Tritan Crystal glasses. You can get these from specialty kitchen stores or right here, Perfect Whiskey Glasses.


How long will my chillers last?

Unlike throw-away culture, our products are designed to last a very long time. With the proper care and use, your new drink chillers life span will be measured in decades, not months.


How many drinks can I chill from one freeze?

It's a good question, whether you drink slow or fast makes a difference. Generally our customers notice a active chill for roughly 90 mins from 4 hours in the freezer.


Can I personalized my chillers?

Laser engraving our stainless steel drink chillers will not damage them. If you're customizing yourself, be sure to seek our a professional laser engraver or contact us at


Can I store my chillers in the freezer?

Absolutely!  Our stainless steel chillers are designed to be stored in the freezer for long period of time. They can also be store in warm temperatures as well.


Will the flavor of my drink change?

Not at all!  We spend months searching for materials which will not alter the flavor of your drinks. The materials are completely safe and design to protect the natural flavors of your drinks, not change them!



Does OriginalBOS have a wholesale program?

Sure do, if you haven't yet seen our product lines on the shelves of your favorite retail store that's a shame. We have a world class wholesale program supporting independent retailers and big box chains. We operate both in the USA and internationally. If you're the owner of a retail store, or are a buyer and are interested in adding our product lines please follow this link to setup an account, 2 min account wholesale registration


Do you attend trade shows?

Yes, and we would love to meet you on the floor. Stop by our showrooms or booths to inquire about new product lines, promotions or even simply to meet our amazing event team! To find our booth number, setup a meeting or simply inquire further, contact 


Do you have displays available?

What's a retail program without beautiful displays, to see our arrangements of available displays reach out to the account manager assigned to your account. If you haven't yet ordered and would like to, start the registration and setup process


How much does international freight cost?

This is a great question, typically we ship to our international partners using UPS or FedEx. The cost ranges widely depending on order volume and location. For an opening order we do have a promotion on first time shipping, contact your account manager or refer to this questions during wholesale account setup.


Do you have a distributor?

Currently, we are not partnered with a distributor. If you represent a distributor and would like to work together, please contact


Do you work with manufactures rep?

We sure do, and we're proud of them. The 30+ sale representative operates in the USA. If you would like to get in touch with a rep or discuss a new domestic or international territory with our company, please contact



Where does the donation go?

At the end of each month we mail the donations in the form of checks to our current charity partner, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center based in Houston, TX. We work closely with them to ensure the funds are used for Men's Health specifically testicular cancer cure research. Testicular cancer is massively underfunded and the 3 doctors who receive the research fund are very happy with the support. If you would like to learn more about our donation process please contact or the MD Anderson Assistant Director of Philanthropic Resources, Sarah Thornton at: 


How much is donated?

We donate 15% of the net proceeds from each item! The donated amount can be higher depending on the product. For example our Executive Set raises $400 per sale! When we launch a campaign 100% of the stated amount is donated.


What exactly will my purchase support?

Testicular cancer cure research at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The team receiving the funds our doctors Tu, Ward, and Pisters. We work with them to ensure the funds are focused on Testicular cancer. Check our blog for a snapshot of their research priorities.


What non-profits are you partnered with?

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center receives our donations and we have worked with The Testicular Cancer Society to aid in raising awareness. We have partnered with a number of different charities. We want to make sure the funds donated work as hard as you do and are never misused.


When will my funds be sent?

Within 30 days of your purchase from our online store and if you purchased with a retail partner, the funds have likely already been donated by the time you purchase your items. 


Does OriginalBOS have a giving code?

Yes with the The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center the giving code is "oribos ". This code ensure the successful tracking of our direct donations and communities donations.


Can I donate directly?

Absolutely! A donation can be sent via check anytime, please mail funds to MD Anderson Cancer Center. You can also donate online! Email us at and we're happy to walk you through the process.

Mailing Address:

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Third Party Events – oribos
PO Box 4470
Houston, Texas 77210


Didn't see the answer to your questions?

We definitely want to get you the help you need. Email us at and well your questions answered as fast as we can. Most times you can expect a call back within 24 hours.

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