The BOS Stache Coaster

May 01, 2014


BOS Stache Drink Coaster

The World's First Bottle Opening Drink Coaster With A Cause

OriginalBOS would like to formally introduce our latest innovation: The BOS Stache Coaster. This stainless steel drink coaster is much more than meets the eye. I mean, sure it has that really cool mustache design but what of it? Well check this out. That mustache also doubles as a bottle opener! Amazing right!? Now you can enjoy your beverage of choice without worrying about causing harm to your tabletops or counters.

BOS Stache Drink Coaster

Purchases come in a set of 2 or 4 BOS Stache drink coasters. As an added bonus 15% of proceeds from every BOS Stache bottle opening drink coaster will go directly to testicular cancer research initiatives. Now's your chance to save more than just your tabletops. Purchase yours today here!




Quintin Palmer
Quintin Palmer


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