Bottle Opener Coasters

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Protect every table with a BOTTLE opener COASTER

The worlds most multifunctional coaster; this stainless steel heavy duty coaster comes with a built in mustachio themed bottle opener. This isn't the coaster your table wants; it's the coaster your table (and party guests) need. The Bottle Opener Mustache Coasters features wide dimensions to protect your table from rings. Leave the napkins and paper towels where they belong- in the kitchen.

The mustache is a beer bottle opener too, boom.


The Bottle Opener Mustache Coasters will reduce spillage, slippage, and protect your tables from the dreaded rings while gently resting on your tabletops. The heavy duty stainless steel guarantees easy cleanup and provides a durable, heavy-duty bottle opener that everyone gets to call their own. Always there when you need it, the Bottle-Opening Coasters is the perfect addition to your living room. 

Mustache Coasters with Bottle Opener by BOS Drinkware

Mustache coaster by BOS Drinkware


The Bottle Opener Coasters make a great gift. The Stainless Steel Mustache Coasters are perfect to share with friends.  These stainless steel bottle opening coasters serve a higher purpose (beyond mercenary table protection).

Your purchase makes it possible to launch, grow, and maintain health research initiatives with our partners, MD Anderson. We'll donate 15% of proceeds from your purchases directly for use in cure research. Every conversation counts so let's speak UP.


Includes: (4) Four Bottle Opening Coasters


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