Beginner's Guide to Whiskey Pt. 2

April 08, 2014


Now that we've gone over what differentiates whiskies let's get into a little whiskey history (that rhymed).


 From Greek toga partiers in the 3rd century to Italian wine tasters in the 15th century alcohol has been apart of human history for a wickedly long time. According to James Ross, author of Whisky, the first written evidence of whisky production was an order from the king of Scotland in 1495 to a friar for the production of about 500 bottles worth of whisky. Now that sounds like a party! 


                                                             Source Photo By Van helsing


Early distillation practices of whiskey produced a gnarly substance that was sure to knock any sane person right on their ass. Most modern day whiskey lovers probably would have avoided the drink entirely! It wasn’t until later that the production of whiskey evolved to create the mellow, smooth flavor we all know and love today.

                                                            (Photo By Jonathan Schachter)


The first licensed whisky Distillery (also the world’s oldest) is Ireland’s Old Bushmills Distillery which was opened in 1608. Since Bushmills whiskey has had a quite a wild ride through the years. From being banned after the English Malt Tax of 1725 to being used as currency during the American Revolution, it’s been through its fair share of random. During the American Prohibition whiskey was even prescribed by doctors to aid in the treatment of patients! Even I wouldn’t mind getting sick if my doctor prescribed me some Bourbon.


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Quintin Palmer
Quintin Palmer


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