Saying Bye to TCA Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month might be winding down...

but that doesn't mean our efforts to spread awareness about Testicular Cancer should too. As awesome as it is that there's a month dedicated to spreading awareness for testicular cancer (which isn't often talked about), making efforts to fight testicular cancer and help save lives should be a year round gig for all of us.

Just take a look at this awesome PSA by the man himself, Samuel Jackson.

Just like Mr. Jackson uploading this video, there is plenty we can do in our daily lives to spark the conversation and make change happen for the hundreds of thousands out there who are afflicted by testicular cancer. Donate to an organization like MD Anderson Cancer Center, or even just bring up the conversation with your significant other/ friends . Most of all don't forget to encourage self checking for all the men in your life.

Together we can keep working to take Testicular Cancer out the equation.



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