The Cause

One Mission, One Cause.

Fighting Testicular Cancer

Each day, OriginalBOS is responsible for equipping empowered people with Balls of Steel. With their Balls of Steel, this army of forward thinkers are cooling drinks the right way, the valiant way. These individuals cool their drinks while supporting testicular cancer initiatives. Become a BOS and get a set.

OriginalBOS is a different type of company, we are a collection of social entrepreneurs making a difference. We believe that a company should put it's customers and employees above profits and stand for something greater than itself. We are passionate about doing good in the world and hold firm to the ideology that the only sustainable version of capitalism is that which gives back in massive ways.

In order to create a positive and life changing product, we did not just settle by creating a set of drink coolers with the highest quality materials or manufacturing. We created a product with the highest levels of quality, integrity and focus on important testicular cancer initiatives.

Balls of Steel is really a cause of total transparency that stands on three legs: Direct Funding, Online Support Community, and Charity Events. Balls of Steel donates 15% of ALL profits directly towards testicular cancer research and testicular cancer communities.

Testicular Cancer Research Funding

We are very particular with which organizations we partner with, as we believe donations should be utilized to the maximum efficiency. Therefore, direct funding is split up in a variety of core organizations which each support a different part of the testicular cancer community.

We are currently partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society, which is a nationwide non for-profit organization that is committed to building a support community, spreading awareness, information, and support to people suffering from testicular cancer. We are also donating to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Austin Texas, which is the country’s leading center in testicular cancer research and treatment. 


OriginalBOS is committed to serving the testicular cancer community with Balls of Steel in more ways than handing over cash for cure research. We created the Balls of Steel online community, It’s the place where individuals effected by testicular cancer can interact with one another. People come to offer general support, give the Balls of Steel Awards and even help each other during emotional battles. 

Balls of Steel also powerfully serves the testicular cancer community by joining hands with core charity organizations helping to raise awareness through events. Check out upcoming events and RSVP to

·     February 22 OriginalBOS will be selling BOS units and spreading awareness for testicular cancer at the Matador spirit tasting event that raises funds for charities and causes.

·     March 15-17 OriginalBOS will be in Las Vegas at the ASD trade show telling the OriginalBOS story and spreading awareness about testicular cancer cure methods.

·     Summer, TBA - OriginalBOS & Balls of Steel will be a part of Mike Craycraft’s (founder/survivor of the Testicular Cancer Society) awareness and survivors anniversary climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

·     Summer, TBA  - OriginalBOS is sponsoring the 100 mile bike race hosted in part by the Testicular Cancer Society.

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How can I get involved?

Become a BOS! To get involved with our cause or one of the Balls of Steel events just go to our contact page and shoot us an email to find the best fit for you.


Quick facts about testicular cancer:

  • Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer among men aged 20-34. 
  • In the United States, approximately 8,600 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year.
  • 400+ men pass away annually from Testicular cancer.
  • Every hour of everyday a man hears "you have testicular cancer". 
  • Testicular Cancer has a high survival rate compared to a majority of other cancers; however, testicular cancer tumors are metastatic, meaning that the cancer is able to spread to other organs such as the liver and brain.    

Balls of Steel are now available for PURCHASE. For more information on "Testicular Cancer," click on the link below. American Cancer Society: Testicular Cancer