Our Story


OriginalBOS Founder, Grant Vollmer

Small Team, Big Mission.

- Balls of Steel or B.O.S. were created to be a fun and engaging social product which supports testicular cancer cure research and serves as the catalyst for a tight-knit community which supports men effected by testicular cancer.

- One of the co-founders of B.O.S. had a serious cancer scare. Witnessing the deep emotional struggle that is synonymous with being diagnosed, we were inspired to help. So, we developed and launched Balls of Steel whiskey drink chillers and a community to go along. In the B.O.S. community, men and their families struggling with TC are provided with an outlet where they are able to seek emotional refuge and tell their story. 

"Building a Product that Matters"

Simply by purchasing and enjoy OriginalBOS's products you're joining our mission to speed awareness and help fund TC cure research. Your purchases and brand loyalty help fuel that research and awareness campaigns. Together, we can give hope to thousands of men (and their families) worldwide.