Add This To Your To-Do List

December 17, 2013

We know you've heard it all before, but . . . 


We all compile a monthly to-do list, which mostly consists of tedious tasks like paying bills and mowing the lawn (though around here we occasionally throw “glass of whiskey” on our list after a long work week). You usually run through these tasks without much planning as part of a habitual routine.  And though you do these practical tasks day in and day out, do you ever remember to stop and do something solely for your own wellbeing? 

Our mission here at OriginalBOS is to raise awareness for testicular cancer and lower the boundaries that may prevent people from discussing the sensitive topic. When testicular cancer is diagnosed in the early stages the survival rate is 99 percent. So we’re urging you men to be a little selfish and add something – a monthly self exam – to your pesky little to-do list that is just for you.

A quick five-minute check every month is all you need to do to stay on top of your health and keep a leg up on testicular cancer. Really, IT’S THAT EASY. Why haven’t you been doing it? 

And today, we challenge you not only to add this task to your monthly list but also to casually mention the importance of self-checking to one person. 

Not sure how to self-examine? Learn all you need to know about testicular cancer self-checking and treatment here:



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