Why Whiskey Rocks Just Don't Rock

A (Very) Brief Education in Whiskey Coolers


Every whiskey drinker loves the taste of whiskey, right? And so that’s why we’re on a constant search for how to make the best stainless steel ice there is out there. 

But what about your other whiskey chiller options. A lot of people ask about the difference between Balls of Steel and whiskey rocks. It’s a pretty reasonable question, but the answer is surprisingly simple – they’re hardly in the same realm.

The biggest difference is of course their physical makeup. Whiskey rocks are made of soap stone and Balls of Steel are made of stainless steel. This has several consequences, but we’ll start with the basics – stainless steel ice just gets your drink cooler than whiskey rocks, and while we’re at it, it happens faster.

Simply put, whiskey rocks lack the complexity and subsequently the efficiency of Balls of Steel stainless steel ice. Balls of Steel stainless steel ice chillers work within seconds to drop your drink to the ideal sipping temperature using cutting-edge phase change materials that harness the energy contained in the ball’s physical makeup.

But perhaps more importantly than that (depending on how important flavor is to your drink) whiskey rocks can pick up freezer odors. The last thing any connoisseur wants it to taste last week’s fish dinner in his perfectly aged glass of whiskey!

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