Time to Take a Stand, Ladies

January 02, 2014



Hey laaadiees!


We know you’ve been loving Balls of Steel and the Keep it Straight Up Tee for the men in your life, but what about you? We find that many people who reach out to us are women who have husbands, fathers, sons, uncles, nephews or any version of far-reaching family who’ve been affected by testicular cancer and want to get involved in the fight more extensively than within their own families. The only problem is that there’s not much of a platform for women to provide support on a larger scale (don’t get us wrong, the best thing you can do is still just simply being their for your loved ones, but, ya know…)

Well, your time has come. 

We’re excited to announce we are now carrying women’s Balls of Steel T-shirts of all sizes in our online store for the smart woman! It’s pretty simple; throw on the tee, raise some awareness and maybe start a conversation. The more people who know the facts about testicular cancer, the less young men need to feel embarrassed by their diagnosis.

Pick up your tee in the shop here http://www.originalbos.com/collections/related-products and read more about the cause here http://www.originalbos.com/pages/our-cause.


Mackenna Waterhouse
Mackenna Waterhouse


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