Steel Ice Trumps the Real Stuff

Let's talk stainless steel ice


Ever wonder why everyone is going nuts over stainless steel ice? Balls of Steel are forged from the highest quality stainless steel and we've engineered them to become your favorite ice but we want you to make the very best informed decision when it comes to using real ice (this dreadful stuff made from tap water) or our beautiful stainless steel ice aka BOS.


- First of all, stainless steel ice, and especially our Balls of Steel stainless steel ice, chills your drink faster than traditional ice does and keeps it colder for longer. Forget about waiting for the perfect drinking temp. only to have it last momentarily. 

- Plus Balls of Steel stainless steel ice keeps you from having to refill the pesky ice cube tray so often! It could also help conserve water, too, depending on your drinking habits (Hey, we aren’t here to judge). By using stainless steel ice you avoid wasting water by constantly making more ice. Though the impact may be small, every bit helps! 

- Most importantly, stainless steel ice doesn’t dilute your drink. Of course this depends on what kind of spirit you’re partaking in, but most people use stainless steel ice to keep their drinks full of their beloved flavor. That’s why people traditionally lean toward stainless steel ice when it comes to whiskey. 


So think about how you can benefit from stainless steel ice or hop over to our online store here to see our Balls of Steel stainless steel ice and try it out yourself. 


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