Meet Our Newest Team Member


Hi all, meet Quintin! He's our design & creative go-to guy around the office and the newest addition to our team. You'll find his work all over the site and Facebook page from now and so we thought it would only be appropriate to introduce you. 


Where do you go to school/what's your major?

Hello G’s and Gents! My name is Quintin and I am currently and Communications/ Advertisement major at CSUF (California State University Fullerton for the non So-Calians) 


Where did you grow up? What do you love most about your hometown?

I grew up all over the place. My parents have a background in the military so I’ve lived in locations ranging from Japan to Florida! I would call the Bay Area in Cali my home though. I’ve spent most of my life there and I love the people and the vibe. Nothing like going back home to the Bay.


What's your favorite type of music?

I love all types of music and have recently been expanding my iTunes library with plenty of new genres haha, but all and all I can never say no to some good old fashioned Hippy Hop & RNB.


What kind of animal would you be if you could be an animal?

I would be an eagle because I’m so fly… just kidding (bad joke). Idk probably like a walrus or something haha.


Who's you hero & why?

My hero would have to be my mom, but I have plenty of friends who I would consider my heroes because they inspire me creatively and provide me with amazing support. I’m a pretty happy guy thanks to these folks.


Why do you feel passionate about working for a cause?

I feel like if you don’t stand for something you can fall for anything. Cause gives purpose and if the cause is for something as awesome as OriginalBOS’s then I’m all for it! Let’s make things happen and save the world one set of steel balls at a time!



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