Add these whiskey tools to your box

Every drinker needs some staple whiskey tools.


To start, there are the basics whiskey tools. A good glass, whiskey, a shaker. These whiskey tools seem really basic, but there's so many different things to take into account when you start looking for whiskey tools. What glass is the right one, do you need a muddler for that drink? What about a strainer? Building up your home bar with whiskey tools can start to snowball into a full-blown shopping spree. It's important to know what whiskey tools you need and which whiskey tools can wait for another day.

To collect the right whiskey tools make sure you know what you love. What's your whiskey drink of choice? This will really inform your decision for whiskey tools. If you love your whiskey straight up, well you've cut out a lot of whiskey tool cost. If you love your whiskey gingers you won't need much. But if you're into the fancy stuff, you'd better start pulling those fancy whiskey tools out. Muddlers, shakers, strainers, garnishes…you need it all. 

And whether you get fancy or not, the most important whiskey tool you can have is a premium drink cooler. Because no matter what, there are still days when you'll just want to come home to a simply complex glass of whiskey. Balls of Steel are the best whiskey tool and we promise they'll be the one you reach for most often. What whiskey tool will better chill your drink AND put a smile on your face?

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