Stainless Steel Ice is on The Rise

What an increased love of whiskey means for stainless steel ice


Whiskey had a great year in 2013. The parent company of Jack Daniels announced last week that it saw a 12 percent increase in sales from the previous year, which is nuts considering this winter weather deterred a lot of people from heading to bars. 

But you know what it means? A lot of people were enjoying their favorite drink at home using stainless steel ice. O.K., O.K. that might be a stretch but we’d like to think people are using more stainless steel ice. We just want you to have the best experience with your favorite spirits, and that requires stainless steel ice.

Because stainless steel ice keeps your drink cooled to the perfect sipping temperature, and of all the stainless steel ice in the stainless steel ice world Balls of Steel are top dog. Stainless steel ice guarantees that your drink stays true to its flavor. Stainless steel ice doesn’t dilute your drink and it doesn’t pick up freezer odors like whiskey stones can. And I think everyone in the whiskey industry would prefer you stay true to your whiskey. 


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