A Guide to the Mind of a Whiskey Connoisseur

For a whiskey connoisseur, there are two things that rank highest: whiskey and whisky.


And the best way to get on a connoisseur's good side is to know the ropes of finding the right whiskey for every occasion and drinker. So to help you, lost semi-whiskey drinking friend or whiskey connoisseur in desperate need of a whiskey-for-dummies guide for your loved one, we've decided to provide you with a short guide.


What's up with that "whiskey" "whisky" thing?


Every whiskey connoisseur knows the absence of one little letter can mean a world of difference but those looking for whiskey gifts might just assume it's a label misprint (we've all been there at some point in our drinking years). The real difference between whiskey and whisky is the country of origin. Or really, just one country of origin. Most liquor producers and publications prefer using "whiskey" to refer to most types of the spirit, but when referring to any produced in Scotland, we refer to it as "whisky." I really couldn't tell you why that's so much of a difference, but every whiskey/y connoisseur knows it, I promise.



Now, we could go into a list of all the different types of whiskey that falls into those categories, but we prefer to start you out slow. At least for now you know the smart question to ask your whiskey connoisseur: Do you like whiskey or whisky? (The answer is probably yes.)

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