How BOS products improve your spring break

March 15, 2016

It's March, the month of spring breaks. Every week someone seems to be on spring break and if you're doing it right, your week of freedom involves Balls of Steel or the Napa Wine Chiller. We've got a list of how BOS products improve your spring break. If you already own one of these chillers then you will know all of these to be true. If you don't own one of these, then you'll be convinced. Here we go.

  1. Unless you're drinking coffee or hot cocoa, drinks are better cold. 
  2. BOS chillers keep your drinks cold for up to two hours. 
  3. Your drinks look cooler with steel chillers in them. 
  4. You'll feel good knowing you're supporting a worthy cause
  5. Spend less time waiting for ice, more time drinking the beverages you love.
  6. You can use BOS chillers in a variety of beverages.  
  7. Spark conversation.
Convinced yet? Shop now and improve your spring break instantly.

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