Spring Break necessities

March 02, 2015

Have you ever attempted to take your chilled, delicious drink outside when the temperature is rising? It's not an easy task. You either stay inside to keep your drink cool and keep the ice from melting or go outside to enjoy the weather and deal with a melted, diluted drink. Neither situation is fun and no one enjoys it, especially during spring break. Well, we're here to give solve your problems with these spring break necessities that will keep you and your drinks cool for your week of freedom before summer.


Balls of Steel


Balls of Steel are the perfect chilling tool for the whiskey lover. If you're planning on enjoying a few drams this spring break then you'll need a pair of Balls of Steel. These powerful chillers are stored in the freezer until ready for use where they are then dropped into your glass to enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature. You can sit outside and enjoy your whiskey without worrying about choosing between warm or cool and diluted. You can have cool with zero dilution with Balls of Steel!



Napa Wine Chiller

The Napa Wine Chiller can be used on many drinks to greatly improve your spring break. It is a single stainless steel sphere that is stored in the freezer until ready for use. Drop it in your glass and pour the desired beverage to enjoy it perfectly chilled for up to two hours. This can be used on wine, spirits, mixed drinks and even in non-alcoholic drinks. Use it in any of your drinks and you'll be able to enjoy it outside in the sun without worrying about dilution.



Balls of Steel and the Napa Wine Chiller are the perfect chillers that are necessary to improve your spring break. Why waste your time off drinking watered down drinks when you can be enjoying a perfectly chilled beverage knowing that it will never become diluted? Besides, everyone could use a little bit of balls during their spring break!

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