Many uses for the Napa Wine Chiller

February 25, 2015


Yes, it may be called the Napa Wine Chiller but this stainless steel chilling powerhouse can be used on many more liquids than just wine. We're going to inform you on the many different ways you can use the Napa Wine Chiller.



The above photo was taken during our awesome photoshoot with Bosscat Kitchen & Libations in December. The Napa Wine Chiller is being used in a few different drinks and they are all being chilled perfectly without any dilution.


On the left you'll see a classic Old Fashioned. Some people prefer to drink the Old Fashioned without ice, but if you do prefer yours chilled then the Napa Wine Chiller is a fantastic alternative. You may have ordered an Old Fashioned in a bar and received it with a large sphere of ice. This ice may keep the drink cool but it also dilutes it incredibly! To fully enjoy the flavors in the old fashioned it is essential that there is no dilution. Use the Napa Wine Chiller to keep your Old Fashioned cool while still enjoying it exactly how it was made.


In the middle you'll see a glass of white wine. This is the drink that inspired the Napa Wine Chiller. White wine must be served at the proper temperature to fully enjoy the flavors of the wine. Rather than waiting for a bottle to cool in the refrigerator, use the Napa Wine Chiller to cool a glass of room temperature wine in less than two minutes. You can also use the Napa Wine Chiller on red wines for a shorter period of time to get the glass to just below room temperature. In no time you'll be enjoying your favorite wine at the perfect temperature.


Finally, on the right you'll see a mixed drink, specifically whiskey and coke. The Napa Wine Chiller works amazing in mixed drinks. Rather than filling your glass with a bunch of ice, you can use the Napa Wine Chiller to keep your drink perfectly chilled without any dilution. You won't have to worry about choosing between drinking your drink quickly or just accepting the dilution. You can enjoy your drink at the speed you desire with absolutely zero dilution thanks to the Napa Wine Chiller.


Tell us in the comments what great drinks you've used the Napa Wine Chiller for!

Chelsea Bakken
Chelsea Bakken


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