Drink Coolers That Are Just Plain Cooler

Drink Coolers...


There’s a lot of talk about this drink cooler, that drink cooler and the other drink cooler, but what does it all mean? 


At first thought drink coolers are obviously meant for one thing: cooling drinks. But what happens when you take the idea of a drink cooler a bit further? Drink coolers do much more than just what their name implies. What makes drink coolers great is actually what they don’t do. Drink coolers don’t dilute your drink and cut down on how refilling that pesky ice cube tray (Can I get an amen?). 


Have you found the right drink cooler? 


There are tons of interesting drink coolers out there. Whether it’s shaped like a rock, skull or your favorite cute animal you need to make sure your drink cooler can get the job done. Balls of Steel is the ultimate in premium drink coolers. Between the high-grade stainless steel and the Arctic Core, Balls of Steel drink coolers are in it for the long haul (seriously).


We’re asked all the time what the difference is between Balls of Steel drink coolers and other drink coolers. The answer is simply that our drink coolers are in a league of their own. While whiskey rock and stone drink coolers are made of porous materials that pick up freezer odors, our stainless steel drink coolers can’t. That makes a pretty big difference in the performance of your drink cooler. 


So when you’re thinking about the drink cooler world think Balls of Steel. Trust us, they’re the best bang for your drink cooler buck, and you just look badass when you’re using them. 



Pick up your own set of Balls of Steel drink coolers here.

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