Ultimate Home Bar Accessories

Creating a Great Home Bar

How to perfectly stock your cart, shelf or liquor cabinet with the best home bar accessories. 


These days, you know you’re officially a grown up when you can’t stop buying home bar accessories (or bottles) for your new bar cart. But it’s hard to know which bar accessories are worth the buck.

There are tons of bar accessories to choose from. Everything from mixing tools to tumblers to the perfect swizzle sticks can make all the difference in a host or hostesses entertaining prowess. And since we know it can be overwhelming to cull through the many home bar accessories out there we want to make it a bit easier for you. Shopping our OriginalBOS bar accessories takes out so much of the trouble. 

We’ve been hearing that Balls of Steel are a must have home bar accessories and we have to agree. Even non-whiskey drinkers have a friend or two who are the most avid of whiskey drinkers. You really never know who’s going to walk through your door and a good hostess knows  to have a well-rounded supply of home bar accessories on hand for the most particular of drinkers. 

If you need any extra convincing, just think of all the metaphorical ice Balls of Steel will break at your next party. I’d be willing to bet none of your other bar accessories will turn quite so many heads as Balls of Steel. Plus, you can feel better about your home bar accessories shopping habit when you’re helping donate to testicular cancer research initiatives.  

And our Perfect Whiskey Glass? Don’t even get us started…THE ultimate of home bar accessories. They’ve got a classic look, quality glass and they’re practically indestructible (so your bff doesn’t have to feel bad when he drunkenly knocks over your perfectly styled collection). If that doesn’t make it a home bar accessories must-have we're not sure what will. 


Next time you’re thinking of adding to your home bar accessories collection think Balls of Steel. It’s a home bar accessories one-stop shop and you get to support a cause.

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