The NAPA Wine Chiller

For months we have been preparing, perfecting, and finalizing details for our newest product. We are so excited to officially introduce to you, the NAPA Wine Chiller!

We love the NAPA Wine Chiller because it allows anyone to enjoy the flavors and aromas of wine in the most perfect way. The same fantastic Arctic Core technology that is in Balls of Steel is in the NAPA Wine Chiller, which will give you that long lasting chill every wine connoisseur needs.

The NAPA Wine Chiller will chill your glass of wine in two minutes or less and will last for two hours. You no longer need to choose between waiting hours for an ice bucket to chill a bottle or diluting a glass with a cube because the NAPA Wine Chiller is here to save the day!


As always, we donate 15% of our proceeds to our charitable mission, allowing our loyal customers to drink good and do good.



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