American Whiskey and Why it's so good.

So you're a whiskey connoisseur?

So are we! That is why we created Balls of Steel, the worlds first stainless steel non-ice drink cooler. We can get into ways of drinking whiskey and why it's important to use a non-ice chilling method rather then that dreadful stuff called ice, but first, let's talk a bit about American Whiskey. 

Whisky can actually be spelled one of two ways, whiskey or whisky. However, either way it's written it means a distilled liquor made from grain mash and aged in oak barrels. Although, saying whiskey in a bar will get you a drink, think twice when around connoisseurs. Whiskey is a category which holds many variety of blends and mashes. 

Depending on the origins and type of gain mash use to make the whiskey, the taste and name will change.


American Whiskey

Bourbon Whiskey, known as a product of the United States and is a barrel-aged whiskey distilled from corn mash. It's name was derived from it's historical association with Old Bourbon as it began to be produced in the 18th century in what is now Bourbon County, Kentucky. 

  • Bourbon taste great on when poured onto cold forged steel adding a level of fine finish to any drink.

Tennessee Whiskey, original brands from Tennessee are few and far between as the statewide prohibition actually lasted much longer than the US national prohibition forcing many brand to close down operations. Even up until 2009, Tennessee had law against the distillation of drinkable spirits to only 3 of counties in Tennessee!

  • Because of Tennessee strict behavior on distillation of Whiskey, we like it strait up.

For more great Whiskey info and and chilling methods, check back with us or share this with a friend. To pick up a set of non-dilluting, cold forged stainless steel whiskey drink coolers, buy a set of Balls of Steel here.


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