The Dark Side of an Old Fashion

October 22, 2013

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AfterDark Black whiskey cooler


Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers

AfterDark Edition

Got a dark side? So do we. 

This month we rolled out our new AfterDark Edition Balls of Steel so you can finally add that little bit of moody mystery to your whiskey connoisseur persona. The new onyx-colored stainless steel whiskey chillers are just as good as the classic, but, let’s be honest – they look a hell of a lot cooler. 

We spent months rethinking and reengineering our classical stainless Balls of Steel to find a way to keep the same optimum whiskey chilling temperature but offer you, our favorite drinkers, and your whiskey something a little more sophisticated. 

And for the ladies, AfterDark Balls of Steel will make the perfect gift for your whiskey connoisseur this year. We should also say here that we love a whiskey drinking woman, too. So, really, AfterDark whisky chillers are the perfect gift for ANY whiskey lover. 

So head over to order your own AfterDark Balls of Steel and let your own dark side show.

Mackenna Waterhouse
Mackenna Waterhouse


1 Comment


December 02, 2013

really the dark balls of steel will be a perfect gift

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