Remembering those with Balls of Steel

Fighting for Freedom this Memorial Day

Memorial day is a good day to remember those vets with Balls of Steel, those who have laid down their lives fighting for freedom. In honor of all those military people with Balls of Steel... CHEERS! 

Balls of Steel are stainless steel whiskey drink coolers with a cause... Together with your purchase of Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink Coolers we are helping those Men who are currently struggling with and those who have been effected by testicular cancer. We are also joining forces with the likes of Testicular cancer society, MD Anderson and Movember to make an impact in your community and communities world wide. However, we also believe in giving respect and credit where it is due and this weekend is about military vets who fight for freedom. 

Whiskey Drink Coolers

Thanks to everyone for joining us on this amazing journey! We couldn't keep our whiskey cold and our communities cooler without each and everyone of you! Please keep sharing the word are our products.


Balls of Steel Team.

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