Why Stainless Steel Ice Trumps Whiskey Rocks

Which Whiskey Chiller is right for me?

Ever wondered about Whiskey Rocks, Looking for the best Whiskey Chiller or have you thought about stainless steel chillers?

Here is the break down of why these drink chillers are important and why Whiskey Rocks are well.... Rocks. 

Non-Ice Whiskey Chillers:

There are many types of Whiskey Chillers, however, as long as they are NON-ICE they:
  1. Do NOT dilute the complex subtle flavors of whiskeys and other types of robust spirits.
  2. Work like rechargeable ice, working over and over again to chill Whiskey.
  3. Create a more enjoyable and clean experience.


Stainless Steel Whiskey Chillers: 

Balls of Steel are non-ice stainless steel Whiskey chillers:

  1. Do NOT dilute your whiskey drink.
  2. Do NOT ruin whiskey by adding unwanted flavors picked up from the freezer.
  3. Support a Cause. Learn more about B.O.S. Cause


Whiskey Rocks:

Whiskey Rocks are made by many companies and are made of plan old rock, they:
  1. Don't dilute the whiskeys with water*.
  2. Have little efficiency due to the low volume of mass**.
  3. Collect freezer flavors (like fish) and bring them into your fine whiskeys.


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