Whiskey Chiller Ad Campaign

November 12, 2013 1 Comment

Whiskey Chillers for a cause

We set out to showcase how fun and powerful Balls of Steel are with a great promo video. Our focus in this ad video was to create something that shows the amount of care we've put into our packing design. The balls of steel packaging is designed to store the stainless steel ice in a beautiful whiskey gift like box but also encourage organic conversations about testicular cancer while looking like a badass trophy sitting on retails shelves or on your desk.  

  • Our team had some fantastic ideas for the shoot - for example keeping a clean look and lighting to show how Balls of Steel whiskey chillers are a much cleaner option when compared to such things like whiskey rocks which pickup freezer odors - Yuk.

Items featured:

Drink Coolers:  Balls of Steel Drink Chillers

Glass: Tritan® Classic Whiskey Tumbler

Tongs: B.O.S. Tongs


Watch the video above and offer your thoughts below as a comment! 

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December 03, 2013

that’s too cool!!! no pun intended

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