Wine Lover's Gift

October 20, 2014


The perfect gift for the wine enthusiast


If you’ve been searching for the perfect bottle of wine or glasses to gift a loved one, don’t forget to include the NAPA Wine Chiller. This one-of-a-kind chiller will impress anyone who enjoys a glass and it makes the perfect wine lovers gift.



The wine connoisseur in your life will enjoy the NAPA Wine Chiller’s powerful chill that lasts for hours. The NAPA Wine Chiller will cool room temperature wine in less than two minutes, making it the best wine lover’s gift. There’s no waiting when you gift the NAPA Wine Chiller.



NAPA Wine Chiller makes the perfect wine lovers gift because of it’s long lasting, powerful chill that is a necessity for anyone who enjoys to sip. As always, a portion of the proceeds from the NAPA Wine Chiller are donated to men’s health, making it the wine gift that gives twice.

Chelsea Bakken
Chelsea Bakken


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