Wedding Gifts

October is one of the most popular months in the year to get married and as this wedding season wraps up, we are here to help with your wedding gift quest. 

Gifts that Give Back


Nothing is better than giving a wedding gift that gives back (say that ten times fast), and we are here to provide you with the best options. When you purchase anything from OriginalBOS, 15% of its proceeds are donated to testicular cancer research making it a great wedding gift. 


Balls of Steel make the perfect wedding gift for the whiskey drinker, while the NAPA Wine Chiller makes the best gift for the wine connoisseur. They will both chill whiskey and wine to the perfect temperature and support men's health.

These wedding gifts make great conversation starters as well, so you can raise awareness on issues that matter. Best wedding gift ever? We think so.

Comment and let us know how you give OriginalBOS products as gifts!


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