Whiskey Glasses

October 22, 2014

Product Spotlight 

Tritan® Crystal Whiskey Tumbler

"You can't love whiskey and not care about whiskey glasses."

- Grant Vollmer, Founder/CEO

We know our loyal customers love the power of our whiskey and wine chillers, but do you know about the power in the Tritan® Crystal Break-Resistant Whiskey Glasses


These whiskey glasses aren't your ordinary glasses. For these whiskey glasses we partnered with Charles Schumann, a world-renowned bartender and author of American Bar along with Schott Zwiesel, a famous german glassmaker. The result is the Perfect Whiskey Glass which is a high quality, break-resistant and incredibly clear whiskey glass. 



 Enjoy your whiskey and Balls of Steel knowing that even if you have a slip-up, our break-resistant whiskey glasses have you covered. 


Comment below and let us know your favorite drink to enjoy in the Tritan® Crystal Whiskey Glasses!


Pro Tip: These Tritan® Crystal Whiskey Glasses make the perfect gift for the Balls of Steel lover in your life!

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