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Charitable Gifts for the Holiday Season


The holidays are fast approaching which means the search for the best gift is on. The holidays are all about giving, so it's only fitting to purchase gifts that give back. Give a gift from OriginalBOS and you can do just that. 

Every one of our products can be purchased as gifts that give back, because we donate a portion of our proceeds to testicular cancer research at MD Anderson


Wine Lover's Gift

The NAPA Wine Chiller is the unique wine cooler that gives back. Store the NAPA Wine Chiller in your freezer until ready for use. Place the NAPA Wine Chiller in your glass, pour the desired beverage and enjoy perfectly chilled wine for two hours. 





Whiskey Lover's Gift

Balls of Steel are stored in your freezer until ready for use. Gently drop Balls of Steel into your glass of desired spirit to enjoy perfectly chilled whiskey for hours. 




Wine & Whiskey Lovers Gifts

OriginalBOS provides an assortment of unique drink accessories so you can give the gifts that give back to anyone in your life. Our favorites are the Break-Resistant Tritan Crystal Perfect Whiskey Glasses and the Mustache Bottle Opener Coasters.




When you give OriginalBOS products, you are not only giving unique drinkware, but you are giving the power to spread awareness and spark conversations that matter. BOS products are crafted to be natural conversation starters on men's health. By giving BOS products, you are giving gifts that give back in more ways than one.


Tell us in the comments which gifts you give back to the loved ones in your life. 

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