The Executive Set™ - 18K Gold Edition
The Executive Set™ - 18K Gold Edition - Whiskey & Sprit Chillers -  - OriginalBOS - 2
The Executive Set™ - 18K Gold Edition - Whiskey & Sprit Chillers -  - OriginalBOS - 3
The Executive Set™ - 18K Gold Edition - Whiskey & Sprit Chillers -  - OriginalBOS - 6

The Executive Set™ - 18K Gold Edition

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Executive Balls of Steel are the world's highest quality and first real gold whiskey chillers. Stunning when chilling whiskey or when shown in the beautiful hand-crafted Alder wood presentation box. The Executive set is limited edition, handcrafted and designed to keep whiskey at the perfect sipping temperature while offering the highest level of sophistication. 80 percent of each purchase price will go directly towards the company's "10K for a Cure" campaign for testicular cancer research.


You know you are worthy of drinking aged whiskeys chilled with the world's finest and first gold whiskey chillers, the only question left is... "Is the whiskey worthy of the Executive Set?"


Executive Set whiskey chillers undergo a long careful process of gold plating. The result is a spectacular 18K real gold finish which is unlike any other whiskey chiller in the world. Locked inside each ball is the Arctic Core Technology. This proprietary phase-change material is sure to bring your whiskeys to their truest perfect temperature.



Like all of our specialized products, this beautiful pair of 18K carat real gold plated whiskey chillers help raise awareness and funding for the cause we stand behind. The 18K Gold Executive Balls of Steel were sparked by one of the core questions that drives our company; "How can we raise more funding for testicular cancer cure research?". From each Executive Balls of Steel set purchased, $400 dollars will be donated directly to MD Anderson Cancer Center for testicular cancer cure research. Production is very exclusive and only 25 handcrafted sets are available. The campaign raise brings in $10,000.00 dollars in total for cure research donated to our research partner.


These 18K Gold Executive Balls of Steel whiskey chillers are extremely limited. Only 25 sets will ever be forged and created. Each set includes a unique marking with a serial number ranging from #001 to #025 indicating it's rarity and uniqueness. Act quickly to get your set.


Want to get people talking, simply bring your Executive Set. Chilling your whiskey with the world's finest gold chillers is sure to spark a conversation whether in the glass or Alder box. Let's give back to those who have given to us and spark conversations that matter.

Each Executive Set Includes: 18K GOLD B.O.S. / Tongs / Instruction Booklet / Alder Presentation Box