Balls of Steel - AfterDark™ Edition
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Balls of Steel - AfterDark™ Edition

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After cooling thousands of drinks from whiskey to white wine in classic stainless form, our customers have been delighted. We've reconsidered the experience of using Balls of Steel® as a whiskey chiller and have re-engineered Balls of Steel® to promote a more personalized drinking experience. For months the B.O.S. team has been hard at work researching and developing what we're proud to announce. Say Hello to AfterDark™ Edition. The Onyx color Balls of Steel® or "AfterDark™ Edition" are whiskey drink chillers which still perform fantastic to chill many types of drinks ranging from Whiskey to Wine.



We've engineered a process which allows us to apply a 100% toxic-free stainless steel color anodization. To experience boosted flavors and chill your drink simply place your AfterDarks™ in the freezer. Once The Arctic Core is active (90mins), gently place them into your perfect whiskey glass with your favorite drink. Finally, release the power of The Arctic Core inside Balls of Steel™ by rolling the balls back and forth in your drink.

Whiskey Chillers by BOS Drinkware

Whiskey Chillers by BOS Drinkware


Your purchase makes it possible to launch, grow, and maintain core testicular cancer initiatives with our partners. We'll donate 15% of proceeds from your purchase directly for testicular cancer cure research. You're also contributing by using Balls of Steel, it's natural to speak about our cause while using or gifting these whiskey chillers. Every conversation counts so let's speak UP.

Our cause is to fight TC, read more
Each Set Includes: B.O.S. / Tongs /  Instruction Booklet / Travel Sack

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