Balls of Steel Groomsmen 5-Pack
Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers - Whiskey & Sprit Chillers -  - OriginalBOS - 2
Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers - Whiskey & Sprit Chillers -  - OriginalBOS - 3
Balls of Steel Groomsmen 5-Pack

Balls of Steel Groomsmen 5-Pack

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Perfect Gift for Groomsmen

Nothing says groomsmen like Balls of Steel. You want your boys by your side on your wedding day, and you want your whiskey chilled to perfection. Since you've already spent a fortune on your wedding, let us help you out with a special price when you buy our Balls of Steel 5-Pack.


Balls of Steel® for PERFECT WHISKEY

Balls of Steel® - chill without dilution. These are unique whiskey chillers with a cause. They shift your drink down to a more desirable temperature and maintain the delicate flavor balance of whiskey and other robust spirits. Whiskeys have incredibly complex flavor; the difficulty lies in the relationship between preserving the subtle flavor elements while chilling to the perfect temperature. Using Balls of Steel® whiskey coolers provides boosted flavors, and creates a truly unique experience. The enjoyable experience is made possible by the perfect drop in temperature and preservation of subtle flavors and aromas which ice destroys.


To experience boosted flavors and chill your drink just place your Balls of Steel® in the freezer. Once The Arctic Core is active (90mins), remove the steel spheres from your freezer and use the Balls of Steel® Stainless Steel Tongs (provided in package) to place them gently into the perfect whiskey glass. Pour your favorite drink in your glass.

Finally, release the power of The Arctic Core™ inside Balls of Steel® by rolling the Balls back and forth in your drink. Sit back and enjoy your drink noting the perfect temperature and unique preserved flavor. 

Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers Technology

Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers by BOS Drinkware


Balls of Steel® are charming and slightly comical, yet they support an essential Cause. Your purchase makes it possible to launch, grow, and maintain core testicular cancer initiatives with our partners. We donate 15% of proceeds directly for testicular cancer cure research. You're also contributing by using Balls of Steel; it's natural to speak about our cause while using or gifting these whiskey chillers. Every conversation counts so let's speak up.