Perfect Whiskey Glass

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We might be known for our steel whiskey chiller but our glassware is nothing to shake a bottle of whiskey at. This lead-free Tritan® Crystal Tumbler is crafted by world renowned German glassmaker, Schott Zwiesel. High quality break-resistant and ultra clear Tritan® crystal come together to create your hand's new best friend.


Engineered with a solid base and tapered rim give This Perfect Whiskey Glass curves in all the right places. Capable of holding up to 12oz of your favorite beverage the Perfect Whiskey Glass is great for more than just whiskeys. While we don't recommend playing basket Balls of Steel, drop your Balls of Steel whiskey chillers into the Perfect Whiskey Glass as many times as you'd like. We guarantee this ultra strong break resistant glass won't crack.

Perfect Whiskey Glasses by BOS Drinkware




Each Order Includess: Set of 2 | Set of 6 Perfect Whiskey Glasses

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