Perfect Wine Glass

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We might be known for our Napa Wine Chiller but our glassware is nothing to shake a bottle of wine at. This lead-free Tritan® Crystal wine glass is crafted by world renowned German glassmaker, Schott Zwiesel. High quality and ultra clear Tritan® crystal come together to create your wines new best friend.

Keep your favorite wine cool, right from the glass.


Temperature significantly affects the complexed aromas and flavors of all wines. A great host knows that when it comes to serving temperature, a wine must be just right. Too warm and the wine’s alcohol will be overly emphasized, leaving a flat and toneless taste, overly chilled and the aromas and flavors are muted. Perfect temperature is achieved through balance. Characterized by a dramatically angled bowl and a dignified stem, the Perfect Wine Glass makes a classy receptacle for your wine and Napa Wine Chiller, and a welcome addition to your table.

Includes: Two Perfect Wine Glasses

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