New Years with Whiskey and Spirits

OriginalBOS is rolling into the New Year with Balls of Steel stainless steel drink coolers leading the way.

As we look behind us and review 2012 giving thanks to things such as Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers on, the ability to perfectly chill one's beverage with Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers, and little things like the World not "ending”. We look ahead with excitement of new beginnings and hope as we speculate what the New Year 2013 will bring.

One thing to bank on in 2013 is that Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers will be the leading the Cause to spreading awareness and raising funds for testicular cancer research. Balls of Steel New Years campaign is to "Get the Balls Rolling to End Testicular Cancer." 

With all the cancer treatment advancements made in 2012, such as according to the National Cancer Institue more than 250 clinical trials of vaccines were undertaken during the past year. With these the New Year is looking bright as those advancements will be furthered by funding coming from organizations like OriginalBOS and products like Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers. Now more than ever are we are on the cusp of finding treatments that are 100% curable. We are also in an age where information and awareness spread like wildfire.

Therefore, in the New Year, Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers New Year’s resolution is committed to spreading testicular cancer awareness into every facet of the Nation and creating an environment where it is okay and even trendy to talk about testicular cancer. This is only possible however if in the New Year people all around continue to show the incredible support for Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers and help spread the good news of a Great Cause and a Great Product.

Make one of your New Year’s resolutions in 2013 to Support and Spread Awareness about Testicular Cancer and Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink Coolers.


Wishing you the Happiest of New Years.


OriginalBOS Team

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