Slighly Comical, Full of Laughs

Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers are the hottest gift on the market, and from the reviews and press that Balls of Steel receives we see why.


Here are some of the witty comments about how great Balls of Steel are, circulating around the world wide web - Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers:



 "Not only will these puppies cool your drink and provide endless fodder for d*#k jokes, but all profits from sales are donated to the MD Anderson Cancer Center to support research for testicular cancer" -


 "To announce their product, their email and Web site used the phrase “the balls have dropped”. The product instructions include the phrase “take your Balls and gently place them in the freezer”." -


 “I was thinking how much better they would be if there was some reference to a ball sack, and then BAM! There it was. The balls actually come in a sack.” –


 "You can say these founders of OriginalBOS have steel pairs, in more ways than one." -


 the men in your life won't just appreciate the stainless steel balls to chill their whiskey, they'll appreciate the cause behind it. –

These are just a few of the many quotes and sites recognizing Balls of Steel as the best whiskey drink coolers and a great cause that supports testicular cancer research.


Chill. Drink. Support.

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