Balls of Steel - Whiskey Coolers that are the Evolution of Whiskey Rocks

December 17, 2012

"Who Needs Whiskey Stones When You Have Balls of Steel" -


Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers are the evolution of whiskey rocks. Balls of Steel are the new efficient way to chill one's favorite spirit so that one can enjoy the full flavor at a perfect chill.

Another factor placing these incredible whiskey drink coolers at the top of the list is that Balls of Steel supports testicular cancer research, testicular cancer support communities, and helps spread awareness about testicular cancer. 

Chilled, non-diluted spirits are the only way to enjoy one's drink, and Balls of Steel are leading the way so that no one is ever deprived of a full flavored drink. 

The knows how special Balls of Steel are: "If the name doesn't immediately grab you, than the company's mission might: sales go to testicular cancer research. So the men in your life won't just appreciate the stainless steel balls to chill their whiskey, they'll appreciate the cause behind it."

Furthermore, has placed Balls of Steel on their top gift list for the Holidays and 2013. 

Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers have a motto of 'people first, no matter what' and with an incredible Cause behind the Drink Coolers, Balls of Steel are the best gift for the holidays and the up and coming 2013.

Support a Cause and Help Save Lives.


Chill. Drink. Support.



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