The Cause Behind Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink Coolers

The driving force behind Balls of Steel is divided into two parts:


Part one is the incredible technology that makes Balls of Steel the best whiskey drink coolers on the market.

Part two and the topic for this post is the Cause. The Cause is the life blood of Balls of Steel and is the key factor which places Balls of Steel at the top of the list for people wanting a quality drink cooler, as well as people wanting to support a quality cause.

At OriginalBOS our goal is to spread the awareness of testicular cancer into every facet of the world. Most people aren't aware that if testicular cancer is found within the first 6 months it is over 95% curable. However, if caught after 6 months the cure rate drops dramatically as the tumors are generally metastatic tumors which spread to other areas of the body such as the lymph system and brain. 

Furthermore, testicular cancer is a disease that people aren't very comfortable talking about and at OriginalBOS we WANT PEOPLE TALKING!

Talking about testicular cancer is the best way to spread awareness and create an environment where it is acceptable and comfortable to talk about. Five years ago breast cancer was a similar disease that women didn't want to talk or think about it. Today thanks to movements such as the Susan G Komen millions of dollars a year are raised for breast cancer and it is a topic surrounded by incredible support networks and because of the acceptance it saves thousands of lives a year. 

This is our mission and vision. Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers is the platform which will make our dreams a reality and influence millions of lives all over the world.

A percentage of every set of whiskey drink coolers sold supports the MD Anderson Cancer Center. The rest of the money goes into creating awareness through various nonprofits, online communities and taking Balls of Steel on the road promoting awareness and getting people talking about testicular cancer.

It is a Cause worth talking about.

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Chill. Drink. Support.



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